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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Picture Says 1000 Words

Today’s Internet dating topic is the essential profile picture. For those of you not in the know, the profile picture is the number one thing that'll get you noticed online.  Shallow as it sounds a picture really can speak a thousand words... words like, "Don't do it, you'll never get those 2 hours back."  Or "Ya know what, I'm secretly gay so don't get too excited!"

Together with your profile headline, your profile picture can make quite an impression.  In this installment of my Internet dating bliss, I’d like to share some of the profile pictures that have left the greatest “impression” on me.
The people at Match give some tips on how to make good use of photos. Their suggestions are below.
1) Use photos that feature you.
2) Show your best smile.
3) Verify photos are in focus.
4) Use recent photos.
Allow me to add a few more in the interest of helping…
1) How about you don't wear sunglasses and a hat in every picture. I'd like to see your googly eyes and beautiful bald head before we meet!

2) Include a body shot (and may I be as bold as to request a recent body shot). You may have a cute face but I'd like to see if you are either:
A) a midget
B) a fatty.
No body shot = you’ve got something to hide.

3) For the love of Pete, don't post a picture of yourself shirtless (or in your underwear) that you've taken by pointing your camera phone at yourself!  How about we save some things for later!  I'm sorry, but pictures like this give me a serious case of the heebie jeebies.

4) Don't lie about your age. My favorites are the people who lie by 10+ years. For instance this man says he’s 29. Okay maybe he didn’t say 29 but he was definitely off by a couple of years.

So that's it really; just a few tips to help the guys out there meet the woman of their dreams.  Good luck guys.  Hope this helps.

Tune in some time this week to catch my friend Dave's guest blog where he shares his insights on the same topic from a guys perspective.


  1. Excellent topic! I could spout off about this at length but may I add a few more:

    • Have more than one photo

    • Make sure you're close enough to the camera so we can actually see your face

    • Pics with other women (unless you clarify it's your sister) = no-no

    • Save the pics of you holding up your catch of the day for your buddies... girls are mostly not that impressed by a big dead fish

    That pic of the shirtless guy is seriously creepy...

  2. Good additions Mags. Yeah, I dont know how the naked in bed picture could ever seem like a good idea!

  3. Hey, I thought it was changed to the itchy bitchies! - great post - Nad

  4. HA! I forgot. Yes, it gives me the itchy bitchies!

  5. You are very brave, Val!

  6. Loving this series Val!! Cracks me up!