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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Italian Men Do Not Like My Blog!

I find this pretty interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, how do they even know about this blog? No, no, I know who you are and I know how you know about my blog.

Actually, I have only met two Italian men who speak English and seem to understand American culture well enough to really understand what I am saying in my blogs. That does not mean all Italians can’t speak English well or don't understand my American sense of humor. I just haven’t met too many of them yet.

Of course Italian men don't like my blog! Putting the language and cultural barrier aside, look at the stories I have written: The Thing about Italian Men; Italians Have no Awareness of Spacial Relationships; Welcome to 1950; The Phenomenon of Blonde Women in Italy; 95% of Italian Men Cheat. And now add to the list a little ditty named, “Italian Men Do Not Like My Blog!” and I am sure I’m not scoring any additional points with the fine Italian Uomo (men) in this country!

The fact is the blogs I write about Italian culture are full of overgeneralizations and clichés. They are written tongue in cheek on purpose (that means not seriously for any Italian man who may be reading this blog and not understand the term). They are written from my point of view only which is unapologetically sarcastic. They are written with the intended purpose of seeing things from different or non-glamorized point of view.

Of course I have no idea if 95% of Italian Men Cheat! Of course not all Italian men gawk at Blonde women. Of course not all Italian men dislike my blog… well, that may actually be true. But the point is these blogs aren’t written to please the audience. They are written as therapy for me, and used as my creative outlet.

I write when I am feeling lonely or intimidated, when I feel inspired, or when I find humor or irony in a situation. I don't write much about how much I love living in Italy, or how I love Italian food, or how I love the passion Italians have for life because I don't seem to have anything interesting to say when it comes to these topics.

The fact is if I did not like being here, or if I disliked Italians I would leave. Yes, sometimes it is hard for me to be away from home, but Florence is a special place. In most ways it is still unspoiled by American culture (there is not a Starbucks in sight!); it is still very old world. I absolutely love most parts of living here; but still, you won’t find me writing too much about that. This general state of happiness doesn’t inspire me to write, it inspires me to go out and experience more happiness. And that’s what I think I will do right now.


  1. No excuses hon... you write what you feel. We love it.


  2. M likes you're blog and recognizes that even though there may be generalizations or stereotypes there is also much truth.

    He enjoys listening to a foreign perspective of his home but more because you express who you are (without apologizing for it). And he definitely doesn't take your words too seriously.

    Lastly, Italian men in general have difficulty dealing with criticism (even constructive criticism, and especially from a woman). So even if there are truths in your words they are more likely to defend what they know for the sake of defence instead of questioning whether your judgment has reason.

    Words of an Italian male.

    (M & N :)

  3. words can not diminish the allure of an Italian male for an American female ...even if the female has experienced the truth first hand ( the good ,bad and the ugly).

    Val- Keep us laughing!!!


  4. im shocked and appalled that anyone would dislike your blog!! the nerve!!!!!!!!! LOL


  5. Hahaha:)) I like Your writing, but Italian men are marvelous too:))))

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  7. Hey Val - met you at Harry's Bar in Venice - love the blog! Meg

  8. Your blog is very, very amazing! Now I know what Americans thinks about Italians...I came to this blog, searching for "How to defend against Italian men", the title of a book which is in the hands of an actress in an italian film set in Venice. I want to know if this book really exists. Do you know if such a book are sold in United States? Ciao, Lorenzo from Rome (I've bookmarked your blog. But, tell me: where are you living now? Sorrento? Firenze? I don't yet understand.)

  9. Your blog is ok. You are entitled of having your opinion about italian men, and thanks God they are not all the same. Human beings always think that they know all the reality from some experiences. Life is certainly more complicated and interesting than few experiences. I am italian and I've lived in USA for 4 years. A beautiful american girl, who I loved, cheated on me. I don't think that all americans women cheat whatsoever. It just happened and I suffered for that, but I moved on. Life is beautiful!!! Finally, since you write about italian men even with sarcasm I am sure they still spark your interest. Ciao Bella